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Regulations for the provision of dental services at ORTORAD CLINIC

ORTORAD CLINIC is a private dental practice. Well-organized work makes it possible to perform dental services at the highest level that satisfies both the patient and the entire dental office staff.

Making an appointment for patients

We only deal with previously planned and discussed treatment with the patient. The patient should register for each visit at least one week in advance. Patients are registered by a qualified and experienced dental registrar on dates according to the order of applications. After the initial interview, the registrar estimates how much time to reserve for the visit. We allocate 30 minutes for a standard visit. Between the admitted patients, 5-minute breaks are required to prepare the workplace. One day or 2 days before the scheduled appointment, the registration sends an SMS to the patient to remind them about the appointment and to obtain confirmation that the patient will come for treatment. If the patient wants to cancel or postpone the visit, he or she is obliged to send back an SMS with the text “NO”. The doctor does not give consultations over the phone or in a place other than directly next to the dentist’s chair in the office.

First visit

At the first visit, we will ask the patient to fill in the Health Questionnaire and these Regulations. After the dental consultation, the doctor will present the patient with a treatment plan and a preliminary cost estimate.

The order of admitting patients

People booked for the appointment have absolute priority. We try to do our best to avoid delays in admitting patients. Unfortunately, sometimes unforeseen situations beyond our control occur and some treatments take longer. Therefore, we ask patients to have an appropriate time reserve for the appointment and to approach the delay of several minutes with understanding. In addition to performing the procedures planned for a given day, we can only accept patients with pain complications arising during the treatment currently carried out in our office. We sign up other people requiring urgent medical intervention for the next available date or on a reserve list.

Reserve list

To accelerate the appointment date, we suggest signing up for a reserve list. From this list, enter the patient in the first place left by another patient.

Canceling visits

Booking an appointment constitutes a binding agreement between the dentist and the patient. In the event of failure to attend an appointment, in order to make another appointment, a prepayment of PLN 110 is required to prepare a workplace for the patient and doctor.

Late for an appointment

Late arrivals of more than 15 minutes are treated as resignation from the visit. The doctor may admit a late patient only if he decides that it will not delay the visits of subsequent patients. The scope of the planned visit may change.

Teeth whitening visits and longer treatments

To book a teeth whitening appointment or a longer treatment visit is planned, patients are required to make a non-returnable prepayment of PLN 110 included in the cost of the planned treatment. If the visit is not canceled, a minimum of 72 hours previously the fee is not refundable.

X-ray and photo documentation

The doctor performs photo and x-ray recording of each stage of treatment. The range of photos is the patient’s mouth and lips without the rest of the face. The patient agrees to the photographic and X-ray registration, as well as the use of photos taken during the treatment for educational purposes, in scientific publications and on the website, keeping the patient’s name and surname secret. The clinic can also take photos of the patient’s face, but their use for the above-mentioned purposes requires a separate, written consent of the patient, which the patient signs voluntarily.


Before planning dental treatment, the patient must be aware that, despite the greatest diligence, the doctor sometimes experiences unwanted complications during the treatment, such as: pain in the treated tooth or surrounding tissues; trismus; crack, tooth fracture; swelling, abscess, hematoma; bleeding after surgery; increased body temperature, malaise; an allergic reaction to the drugs used; exacerbation of co-morbid conditions, difficulty in speaking. The occurrence of complications may cause the patient, among others: discomfort and distress caused by pain; the need to take medications that are important for drivers and pregnant women; aesthetic problems; eating and speaking problems; previously unforeseen root canal treatment; unplanned tooth extraction and prosthetic treatment.Most of these complications pass quickly without a trace. However, you should not plan a visit to the dentist right before important events such as going on vacation or a family celebration.


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