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Modern orthodontics in our clinic makes it possible to fulfill the dreams of patients of all ages with a beautiful smile and exemplary bite. We offer comprehensive orthodontic treatment of adolescents and adults. Orthodontic treatment is preceded by an in-depth interview between the doctor and the patient. It must also be carefully planned and carried out to bring satisfaction in the aesthetic and functional dimension. Tooth malalignment can cause more frequent tooth decay, tartar and plaque, and sometimes even tooth loss.



Aesthetic fixed braces

Aesthetic braces – ceramic/ sapphire – is an elegant and invisible version of orthodontic appliances, intended for demanding patients. The use of special, transparent brackets is dedicated primarily to professionally active patients. Sapphire braces allow you to correct the position of the teeth in a way that is almost imperceptible to the environment. During treatment with aesthetic braces, it is recommended to refrain from eating foods that may discolor the rubber bands, such as tea, coffee, red wine, etc. Control visits during treatment with these braces take place every 4 weeks.

Aparat estettyczny 1
AP estetyczny 2


Self-ligating fixed braces – Damon Łódź

Self-ligating orthodontic appliance – it is a modern orthodontic appliance, often called low-friction appliance. Thanks to innovative solutions, the teeth move faster and allow you to finish treatment earlier (up to 25% of the time). Follow-up visits are less frequent than with standard braces, approximately every 6-8 weeks. They make it possible to take better care of hygiene, thanks to the lack of elastic bands on the brackets, and also cause less discomfort during treatment.

In some situations, they avoid tooth extraction. They are available in an aesthetic, very invisible version, as well as in metal. The aesthetic version is most often chosen by patients who want to correct their smile in an almost imperceptible way, giving more freedom in professional and social situations.

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Metal fixed braces

The so-called braces with rubber bands. They are most often used among the youngest patients due to the possibility of choosing the color of the rubber bands. Metal appliances are used to treat all defects, sometimes they are combined with additional appliances that support their operation. Follow-up visits during treatment with these appliances take place every 4 weeks.

Aparat metalowy (2)
Aparat metalowy



Shorter treatment time

Orthodontic aligners, unlike traditional orthodontic appliances, straighten the teeth, but also often shorten the treatment time, which depends on the specific case and ranges from 3 to 24 months in complex situations in minor problems.

Invisalign 1

Over 6 million people straightened his teeth with aligners

Modern technology, but already proven in many patients. Transparent aligners have revolutionized adult orthodontic treatment around the world.

Invisalign 2

Personalized treatment plan

Orthodontic aligners are transparent orthodontic appliances that straighten the teeth in accordance with the previously prepared treatment simulation. Based on a 3D scan of the oral cavity, the orthodontist prepares a personalized treatment plan for the patient.

Invisalign 3
Invisalign 4

Fully predictable effect

Invisible aligners will straighten your teeth without causing the problems and discomfort associated with wearing traditional braces. We can predict the effect of the treatment before we start treatment and we will be able to assess what your smile will look like.


Control visits

Follow-up visits are less frequent than with braces, usually every 10 weeks. With Invisalign-Łódź aligners at Ortorad Clinic, we are able to correct most imperfections in the position of the teeth, ensuring a beautiful smile.

Receipt of aligners

The first set of orthodontic aligners is collected during the second visit. Their number corresponds to the number of stages of therapy. Each pair  must be worn for 1 week. The overlays are marked with consecutive numbers and should be used in chronological order.

Invisalign 5

Set of aligners

The prepared treatment simulation showing the predicted final tooth position is sent to the patient and is then available manufactured set of individual overlays to improve the position of the teeth. The number of aligners depends on the defect and the required duration of treatment. The aligners are usually changed every 1 week and can be removed at any time without visiting an orthodontist.


Lingual orthodontic appliances

The only completely invisible orthodontic appliances. The brackets in these braces are mounted on the inner lingual side of the teeth. They are designed individually on the basis of tooth scans. We are a certified office of the individual INCOGNITO system.


We will change your life, starting with a SMILE

Aesthetic fixed braces


Caring for patients’ time and to reduce the number of necessary visits to prepare for treatment, we have introduced a modern solution to scan teeth using the 3 Shape Trios scanner. It allows you to generate a virtual image of the teeth, which makes it possible to assess treatment options during the first visit.


    Treatment options are determined during the first visit. During this visit, we scan the teeth to obtain digital imaging of teeth in 3D – thanks to this, we can avoid the uncomfortable for the patient taking traditional impressions. Virtual 3D models as well as pantomographic and cephalometric X-ray models are the basis for the preparation of a treatment plan. During this visit, pictures of teeth and face are also taken with a digital camera. After analyzing all data, possible treatment solutions are presented and then sent to the patient by e-mail.


    During this visit, braces are installed or Invisalign aligners are issued. The assembly of a single camera takes about 60 minutes, if the top and bottom are worn at the same time, it takes about 90 minutes.

  • Subsequent visits take place at 4-6 week intervals, depending on the type of apparatus. For Invisalign aligners approximately every 10 weeks. Extending the time between visits without consulting a doctor, increases the duration of treatment. The average duration of orthodontic treatment is 1.5-2 years.