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Shorter treatment time

Orthodontic aligners, unlike traditional orthodontic appliances, straighten the teeth, but also often shorten the treatment time, which depends on the specific case and ranges from 3 to 24 months in complex situations in minor problems.

Invisalign 1

Over 6 million people straightened his teeth with aligners

Modern technology, but already proven in many patients. Transparent aligners have revolutionized adult orthodontic treatment around the world.

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Personalized treatment plan

Orthodontic aligners are transparent orthodontic appliances that straighten the teeth in accordance with the previously prepared treatment simulation. Based on a 3D scan of the oral cavity, the orthodontist prepares a personalized treatment plan for the patient.

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Fully predictable effect

Invisible aligners will straighten your teeth without causing the problems and discomfort associated with wearing traditional braces. We can predict the effect of the treatment before we start treatment and we will be able to assess what your smile will look like.


Control visits

Follow-up visits are less frequent than with braces, usually every 10 weeks. With Invisalign-Łódź aligners at Ortorad Clinic, we are able to correct most imperfections in the position of the teeth, ensuring a beautiful smile.

Receipt of aligners

The first set of orthodontic aligners is collected during the second visit. Their number corresponds to the number of stages of therapy. Each pair  must be worn for 1 week. The overlays are marked with consecutive numbers and should be used in chronological order.

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Set of aligners

The prepared treatment simulation showing the predicted final tooth position is sent to the patient and is then available manufactured set of individual overlays to improve the position of the teeth. The number of aligners depends on the defect and the required duration of treatment. The aligners are usually changed every 1 week and can be removed at any time without visiting an orthodontist.

We will change your life, starting with a SMILE

  • You can easily take them off to take full advantage of your meals. For proper nutrition and hygiene, it can be easily removed and reinserted after cleaning. The only requirement for the desired results is that the aligners must be worn at least 22 hours a day.

  • Completely true. The aligners that create the invisible treatment are transparent, so they remain unnoticed in our smile. Nobody will notice that you are wearing it.

  • The duration and type of treatment depend on the planning indicated by the orthodontist prior to treatment. It is true that Invisalign can be completed in 3 months and after 24 months. This speed and efficiency at the same time is due to the professional’s ability to move the teeth in a controlled manner from the first day of treatment

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