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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are the best way to replace a tooth right now. They have the shape of a screw with a porous structure. A properly designed and prepared surface is responsible for strengthening the process of adhesion with the bone and its stabilization. Implants Łódź are biocompatible and fully tolerated by our body (the immune system does not reject it). Most often they are titanium, but sometimes for aesthetic reasons, porcelain equivalents made of zirconium oxide are also used.


The implant is the first step

To fully replace the tooth, we also need a ceramic crown, which is mounted on a special connector that connects the implant embedded in the bone with the crown. The abutment can also be made of titanium or, to improve the aesthetics, of zirconium (individual abutment). The ceramic crown is cemented only on the connector.

Insertion of the implant

Before implant treatment, it is necessary to consult a surgeon who will assess the possibilities and configurations of the position of the implants that should be used to replace the missing teeth. A pantomogram is necessary (panoramic image of the maxilla and mandible).

Then a treatment plan is presented, which includes all the costs related to both surgical procedures and prosthetic treatment. The next step is the implant placement itself.

Occasionally there are times when a tooth is lost when a bone is lost. This problem is solved by using bone substitute material. The procedure is performed under ordinary anesthesia, similar to the treatment of teeth. After waiting for about 2-6 months, appropriate implant treatment can be started.

Implant placement takes 30 to 90 minutes and then it takes 3 to 6 months for healing. At the next visit, the connector is screwed in, on which a crown imitating a natural tooth is placed.

Why is it worth using implants?

Implants, unlike dentures, provide the same bite strength as your own teeth. This allows you to eat all types of products. The comfort of using the implant is incomparable to alternative solutions, thus avoiding unpleasant and embarrassing situations. With implants, we can fully feel the taste and texture of the food we eat. Implants are better alternative to bridges or dentures. You should pay attention to much easier and better oral hygiene compared to dentures and bridges.

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