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The tooth requires root canal treatment - what does it mean?

The tooth requires root canal treatment when the caries bacteria have entered its roots and pain occurs with the development of the infection. This means that they infected the blood supply and nerves of the tooth pulp. The pulp is connected through the bloodstream with the entire human body – therefore it is a dangerous situation, both for the tooth and for the health of the entire body. It can adversely affect organs – heart, kidneys, eyes and others, such as joints. Then the only solution is to clean and then fill the root, i.e. root canal treatment. Root canal treatment in Łódź enables us to preserve the patient’s own tooth.


Root canal treatment - How is it done?

Diagnosis – we take an X-ray image and determine the condition of the canals in the tooth, but also how many roots the tooth has, how they are built and what shape they have.

Removal of caries from the crown of the tooth – we clean the crown of the tooth from carious bacteria and prepare the inside of the tooth so as to gain access to the channels inside the roots. At this stage, we often rebuild the tooth walls to be able to effectively heal the tooth.

Cleaning the root canals – we remove the pulp of the tooth canals infected with bacteria, and then clean the remaining bacteria from the walls of the canals.

Root filling and tooth reconstruction – we fill the cleaned and disinfected canals with a special material. It seals the canal and provides protection against reinfection with bacteria. At the end, we restore the original appearance of the tooth filled with a filling or a prosthetic crown.

Modern endodontic treatment allows you to save an infected tooth that would otherwise have to be extracted. The SMART root canal treatment system helps us to make a diagnosis and evaluate the treatment.

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