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Healthy teeth are not only a matter of aesthetics and well-groomed appearance, but also the health of the oral cavity and the entire body. That is why regular dental checkups at least once a year and filling cavities are extremely important. In conservative dentistry, the prevention of caries is of great importance, as it makes possible cavities smaller and easier to heal.


the most common problem of patients

Caries is a serious dental disease that affects a very large number of people. It leads to the formation of cavities in the teeth, which can significantly affect the health of the teeth and the health of the entire body. That is why our clinic offers effective methods to fight with this ailment.


Tooth filling

preventing tooth damage

Popularly known as “white seal”. It is now a standard used in modern dentistry due to its durability and adaptation to the aesthetics of the teeth.

Replacement of fillings - "seals"

Over time, fillings crumble and become leaky, which can cause the development of caries that is not visible at first glance. Over time, this leads to their further destruction or even loss. Replacing the fillings allows you to avoid this, and also to introduce more aesthetic materials in place of e.g. old amalgams.


Anesthesia ensures painlessness during the procedure. Conservative treatments are effective and safe – both for pregnant women, children and patients with heart diseases.

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