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First impression

this is undoubtedly the key to the perception of new met people, it arises automatically in the first few seconds and determines the subsequent assessment of the person. The situation is very similar in the case of a child’s first visit to a children’s dentist.


Adaptation visit

Therefore, in order to familiarize your child with the situation of being in the dentist’s office, we suggest starting the adventure of treating teeth with an adaptation visit. Such a visit helps to get to know our doctor, allows you to get used to the dental equipment and understand how it works. Thanks to this, the child positively remembers the atmosphere in the office and has no fear of future visits. In our clinic, we offer prophylactic treatments specially designed for children’s teeth.

Control visits

For their proper and healthy development, we encourage parents to attend regular check-ups, supplemented with tooth varnishing and sealing.

Varnishing, as part of the offer – a children’s dentist in Łódź, is a procedure consisting in securing the teeth with a thin layer of a preparation containing fluoride in order to strengthen them and make them resistant to bacteria.

Sealing is a procedure that involves filling the grooves of the lateral teeth with a special substance called crevice lacquer, also in order to make them resistant to bacteria.

Many of our little patients can take part in the entire treatment process, e.g. choosing the color of the tooth filling or the taste of prophylactic preparations.

We know how important a stress-free process of treating children is for you, so we make every effort to ensure that satisfied, little patients willingly come to visit with their parents. At Ortorad Clinic, we show that a visit to the dentist’s can be a fun adventure!


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