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Aesthetic dentistry is a wide range of dental services, aimed at patients who want to improve their smile. Nice and straight teeth improve appearance and increase life satisfaction. In many cases, they break the previously existing problems and psychological barriers, and a snow-white, beautiful smile contributes to higher self-esteem and adds confidence in interpersonal relationships.

New technology

It allows us to discreetly correct any imperfections in a smile. Sometimes even a slight change in the natural shape of the teeth gives the effect of a radiant, “full” smile, and can even rejuvenate the appearance of the entire face. It is not without reason that the procedures related to improving the appearance of teeth are often the first stage of metamorphosis of famous stars. Veneers can be the easiest, fastest and at the same time effective tool.

Dental veneers are thin prosthetic overlays that stick to the teeth

Veneers are selected in accordance with the expected color and shape of the teeth, thanks to which their appearance is very similar to the natural one, and at the same time it greatly improves the aesthetics.


In what cases are veneers used?

  • Teeth are scratched or partially broken

  • Teeth have visible discoloration or stains

  • There is a diastema (a visible gap between the top ones)

  • The overall aesthetics of the teeth are not very satisfactory

Veneers are the least invasive method of correcting the shape of the teeth. They can be inserted using the method without grinding or with a little grinding of the teeth

The most popular and appreciated by patients are porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are considered the best in terms of resistance to discoloration. They are also characterized by the most natural shine, similar to healthy teeth. They are also more durable than veneers made of composite resin. Another variation are composite veneers – tooth bonding Łódź, the advantage of which is performed directly in the office. The procedure called bonding is to remove imperfections on the surface of the teeth and is often performed in cosmetic dentistry. Bonding consists in applying a thin composite coating with an appropriately selected color to the tooth surface. The dentist then hardens the composite and polishes the tooth surface.

Effects before and after treatment with veneers


Teeth whitening

Drinking tea, coffee, red wine every day, eating food that causes tooth discoloration or smoking tobacco causes gradual and intensifying darkening of the teeth. Regular hygiene, unfortunately, does not allow you to remove discolorations that have penetrated deep into the tooth structure. Teeth whitening Łódź – in our clinic, to restore whiteness of your teeth, we use only effective and proven methods of teeth whitening.


Dental office whitening

We can offer our patients a one-session teeth whitening, using the latest technology with the Whiten MAX lamp;

  • the procedure takes about 1.5 hours and consists in cleaning the teeth of surface deposits,
  • then a special gel is applied, activated by lamp light during an average of three 15-20 minute series;
  • the treatment is safe for the teeth and gives spectacular results

Overlay whitening

We can also offer our patients overlay whitening – based on the impressions, the technician prepares individually selected overlays, which the patient fills at home with a special gel and wears for several hours a day. The advantage of this method is the fact that the patient can independently control the degree of teeth whitening, depending on their own needs.

Effect before and after


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